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T:Humours Of Mullinafauna
|: B'ag fdc | d2 g fdc | B',2 G GAG | B',AB', cB',c |
dcd fdc | dcd g2 a | B'ag fdc | dg=g g3 :|
|: B'2 g g=gg | B'2 c' d'c'B' | a2 f fef | a2 B' c'B'a |
B'2 c' d'c'B' | a2 B' c'B'a | B'ag fdc | dg=g g3 :|
|: B'2 c' a2 B' | g2 a f2 g | ded cdc | B',2 B', cAG |
f3 fdc | dcd fga | B'ag fdc | dg=g g3 :|]
Transcription credit: none provided
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