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A Blast Of Wind - Slip Jig

A Bright May Morning - Reel

A Bunch Of Haws - Slip Jig

A Cloudy Morning - Reel

A Draught Of Ale - Jig

A Fig For A Kiss - Slip Jig

A Ha'penny For A Cotton Ball - Reel

A Lovely Lass To A Friar Came - March

A Merry Christmas - Jig

A Moonlight Ramble - Reel

A Night At The Fair - Jig

A Prize For The Ladies - Hornpipe

A Rainy Day - Reel

A Stranger From Limerick - Hornpipe

A Trip To The Cottage - Jig

A Visit To Ireland - Jig

A Whack At The Whigs - Slip Jig

After The Sun Goes Down - Reel

Ag bearrad Na Caoire - Reel

Ag Liatrad Air An Seagal - Reel

Ag Liatrad Sios An Cnuic - Reel

Ag Sgratanacd Annsa botarin - Reel

Ag Suirid Iad Go Leir - Reel

Ah! Sure Such A Pair - March

Aisling An Diabail - Hornpipe

Alexander's Hornpipe - Hornpipe

All Alive - Other

All Covered With Moss - Jig

All Hands Around - Reel

Allistrum's March - March

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