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Ta Crotuir Ag Teacd - Reel

Tabair duinn Ceann Eile - Reel

Tady's Wattle - Reel

Taim Ag Feiteam Leatba - Reel

Taim Ag Fuireac Leatsa - Hornpipe

Take It Easy - Other

Take Your Choice - Reel

Tatter The Road - Jig

Tea In The Morning - Slip Jig

Teac An Meadon-botair - Hornpipe

Tear The Calico - Reel

Tell Her I Am - Jig

Terry Hiegh Ho The Grinder - Slip Jig

The Absent Minded Man - Jig

The Ace And Deuce Of Pipering - Hornpipe

The Active Old Man - Jig

The Angry Peeler - Other

The Antrim Lasses - Jig

The Ash Plant - Reel

The Ashplant - Reel

The Avonmore - Reel

The Baldheaded Bachelor - Hornpipe

The Bank Of Ireland - Reel

The Banks Of Lough Gowna - Other

The Banks Of The Nile - Hornpipe

The Bantry Hornpipe - Hornpipe

The Bantry Lasses - Reel

The Barefoot Boy - Other

The Barndoor Jig - Jig

The Barronstown Races - Other

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