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All Alive - Other

An Bo Breac - Other

An Sean Gead Liat - Other

An Teac Beag Faoi An Cnoc - Other

Apples In Winter - Other

Barney O'Neill - Other

Barred Galaxy - Other

Be Easy You Rogue! - Other

Be Thou My Vision - Other

Before I Was Married - Other

Behind The Bush In The Garden - Other

Biddy's Wedding - Other

Blue Bonnet's Jig - Other

Bold John O'Leary - Other

Breeches Mary - Other

Child Of My Heart - Other

Come In From The Rain - Other

Crabs In The Skillet - Other

Crawley Dene - Other

Cruac Suas Na Giobaltde - Other

Cuir Glas Air An Doras - Other

Daniel Of The Sun - Other

Deafad Ma Tig Liom - Other

Deun Deifir Go De An Posga - Other

Doctor O'Halloran - Other

Domnall Na Greine - Other

Drink And Be Merry - Other

Ellis's Jig - Other

Felix The Wrestler - Other

Get Up Old Woman And Shake Yourself - Other

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